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About me

So I can say about myself that once I given my heart to somebody it will be exclusive und unconditional! I'm old fashioned that way, I still believe in love and romance and what the end of all fairy tales say "and the lived happily every after". I know it sounds naïve. I like to think, that there are still good and decent people in this world, with traditional values and an open and warm heart! It's easy to understand from the below-written words that I'm very romantic, kind, tender and sentimental.

Hobbies and interests

I like to spend my free time walking in park with friends or a boyfriend. I'm interested in dancing and music. I like practically all kind of music. .I do not like bad lyrics or words that talk down to women or too much cursing. I still like some rap, but not a lot of it now. I mainly like the beats and the rhythms now. I do like jazz a lot and I like easy, mellow music too

Looking For Men Type

During the last four years I have been trying to find kind, understanding, generous and funny partner. I have to feel constant support and gratitude from him. I like to be around someone that inspire and uplift me and is generally positive.