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About me

My character is balanced and quite reserved. But in some situations I can be quick-tempered. I am an inquisitive person who is purposeful and persistent. I am persistent in my desires and goals in life. I am a very kind and sociable person. I am cheerful and I have a rich imagination. But, I'm stubborn. In a quarrel, I zealously defend my point of view, even if I'm not right. I can be nervous. But I'm quick-witted and if I'm not right, I understand this, and I apologize. I do not forgive betrayal and I appreciate honesty and frankness in people. I never impose my opinion and I am pleased with a person who has his own opinion. I do not like cunning or duplicity. I never look for benefits in people. I am a woman of high moral principles. But my main minus, I'm too trusting. But if my trust and kindness are used, I will permanently cross it out of my life. In love for me, the main thing is to have trust and respect. I love home comfort. I love to care and make my chosen one happy.

Hobbies and interests

I actively go in for sports. I love morning jogs when the world just wakes up. When there is no one, it helps to gather your thoughts. Sport is an important part of our health. Each of us dreams or dreamed of having a sporty and healthy body. And I do not see my life without sports. Sport helps a person to be in good physical condition, and besides, he brings up character and will power. And even doing sports gives you the joy of your own achievements. And you understand the price of the effort and work on yourself. And besides, you realize that perseverance is a good help in achieving any goals.

Looking For Men Type

I'm the woman who wants not only a relationship but also friendship, traveling, hanging out with mutual benefit for both of us. I came to this site in the hope of finding a real man. I love when a man is older than me. First, a mature man wants a family and find his beloved. Secondly, a mature man is much wiser than men of my age. Many men here are afraid of a big age difference. I will say one thing, it's just a numeral and nothing more.