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About me

I am a confident lady with soft curves! Passion makes me who I am. The most astonishing thing is that I am easy to talk to, and it is fun to be with me. It is a hard work to combine all these things with shyness, tenderness, and mystery, but I am dealing with it. I am never scared to make decisions, take the first steps and surprise with unexpected pleasant things. I am a woman who knows how to be faithful to only one person, and this person can be you.

Hobbies and interests

I love being involved in something! The feeling when you do what you love is more exciting than anything else. The gym is my personal pill for all difficulties. I give all of my remaining energy of the day to one last exercise and one last satisfying set of game. Yeah, I truly love that! Tiredness along with happy mind is fantastic! Good bonus is being in good shape! I love to read much, so when I walk into a bookstore I feel like I am a kid who is walking into a candy store. The more I read, the easier to deal with my feelings.

Looking For Men Type

I am looking for a sweet man who knows all about a woman. He is a romantic at heart, adventurous and is focused on life enjoyment. I dream about the man with I-know-who-I-am strength. There is nothing better than a man who is confident, grounded, not afraid of impulses, does what he loves and takes life easily. Critical thinking, thirst for learning would be a real gift. if the man can't entice me with his mind it will be difficult to conquer my mind, because only a witty person can read the nuances and see humor in situations.