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About me

Attention, don't miss the Girl of Your Dreams! I can't say that I am perfect and flawless. I am just a human, but I consider myself to be a loyal friend, a good mom and kind person. I can't see someone suffering and I will do everything for my family and friends. My life motto is 'Have courage and be kind'. I don't give up easily and I am not afraid of anything (except for the fear of height). I always say 'yes' to new experience and people in my life. I guess this is why I decided to try out online dating. I believe in our modern world, it is a good chance of meeting your destiny in networld. So if you are looking for a nice girl to create a family together, let me know!

Hobbies and interests

I like traveling. My dream is to see all the world. I love art and painting. I enjoy reading classic books and watching films with interesting plot twists. I am deeply interested in psychology.

Looking For Men Type

Hello from a beautiful bride from Ukraine! In case you are wondering what I am searching for here I will answer you: my true love, best friend and person who will be my better half! I need someone humorous, ambitious, active and serious, the man who is ready to be in serious relations, who wants to create a family together. I have a son and I hope my future partner will be a good example of a decent man for my son and will be his loyal friend. I value loyalty in men the most. I hope to find a man who will be caring and who is able to listen and really hear me. He should have a big loving instrument - his heart!