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About me

Hello, it's a pleasure to leave these words here, just to tell you that I consider myself a very natural woman, lover of the simple things in life, I dedicate my life to business, now I'm a successful woman a little lonely, I'm very loving and outgoing and my plan is to find full happiness with a good company, I love animals and I think that who dares to mistreat them is a bad person without doubt, if you think you really like my profile, you could write me, so begin the best stories

Hobbies and interests

I really like doing sports to stay in shape, I go to the gym a lot, I also play a little bit of videogames, I'm not very good at them but I like to try

Looking For Men Type

Most people here tend to be quite superficial either for material interest or physical appearance, you know? I'm not really looking for anything, I just hope that things flow and the right person will come at the right time, I think maturity is an essential factor in addition to good communication to build something solid in the long term, plus the road could be fun, there will always be anecdotes and laughter along the way, would you like to find out how compatible we could become? Just write me and we'll see what happens, let's start from the inside, it will certainly be more valuable and special.